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             Protection - Sacks & Tapes - Janitorial

Builders Products - Protection

Flame retardent
polythene - (orange)

cover sheeting

Tarpaulins from 9 x 12 to 40 x 65 feet

Bubble wrap (various sizes)

Dust Masks

dust sheets

Cotton twill dust sheets 9x12, 12x12, and staircase sheets


Correx Protection

Carpet Protection Film (Adhesive)

Multi Surface Protection Film (Red / Adhesive)


Builders Products - Sacks & Tapes

Heavy duty builders rubble bags (various sizes)
(British made)

Woven sacks (various sizes)

Asbestos Bags (Clear / Red)

Compactor sacks

Black/Clear refuse sacks

Barrier tape

Hazard Tape

Aluminium Foil Tape

Waterproof cloth tape (GAFFA) various width rolls


Builders Products - Janitorial

A large range of reusable and disposable gloves

Centre feed towel

Toilet tissue
(various size rolls)

Hand towels

Mini jumbo tissue

Antibacterial soap

Monster Roll

Disposable Hand Wipes

Soap Plungers


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